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2018-2019 Technodogs Team Structure

Introduction and Philosophy

General Team Organization and Individual Roles goes over the basics of our team organization from year to year. However each year there will be a shift in how the team is organized in terms of groups, leaders, and responsibilities. This guide explains our 2018-2019 organizational structure. ….

Standard Meetings Schedule

Varsity Build

The varsity build team is team tasked to design and build the season's practice and competition robots.
Add a Project


Title Summary Priority SubTeam or Students Start Date Completion Date
Project Cool Coolest project ever urgent Electrical 2019-01-13
Shooter Assemble shooter high Mechanical 2019-01-14



Public Relations

Safety and Materials

The Safety and Materials group is responsible for …
Please visit our Safety Knowledge Base

Build Management

The 2018-2019 Build Management team is responsible for the maintenance of and updates to legacy robots from years past, prototyping, research and room organization.

Competition Management

Competition Robot

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