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Blanket Field Trip Form/Transportation Approval

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Throughout the Robotics Season students must transport themselves or be transported to multiple destinations, much like any other varsity athletic team. Common destinations for our Robotics students include: BHS, GM Proving Grounds, local businesses within the Livingston County Community, district competitions including Howell, Flint, Southfield, etc, and even the possibility of the state competition. During the school week student destinations are dependent upon what stage of the build season we are in, the activities the students need to complete, and the best meeting places for students to work with mentors.

Please understand that in most instances, the students are either working at the GM Proving Grounds or BHS. The purpose of this letter is to serve as a ‘blanket’ permission slip for your son/daughter to have your permission to ride with school approved mentors/coaches, other students (who hold a valid driver license with the ability to transport other students), and by transporting him/her self. Transportation to district competitions will be provided by a district provided bus.

This will be the one and only permission slip that your son/daughter will need for any Robotics related transportation. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Sikma at
Thank you and go TechnoDogs!
Coach Sikma

 My son/daughter, ________________________________________, has my permission to travel to Robotics 
 related events/team activities via a variety of transportation methods, all legal, throughout the 
 ____________________________________________________                        _________________
 Parent/Guardian Printed Name                                                Date
 Parent/Guardian Signature
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